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About the BeatSuite

The BeatSuite is a tool for developers of both independent and triple A projects designed to assist in the creation and testing of any and all rhythm-based mechanics.

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How does BeatSuite work?

BeatSuite is a standalone program, enabling smoother and more efficient workflows between a variety of creation and testing tools.

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Does the BeatSuite work with other developer tools?

Yes, the BeatSuite is designed to be directly compatible with Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5, and Unity, though other developer tools can also be used 

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Beatsuite's Goal

The BeatSuite is designed with an emphasis on easing new developers into the processes of creating rhythm gameplay loops.

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What makes the BeatSuite innovative?

The BeatSuite is innovative because rhythm game development tools are currently few and far between, with no clear beginner-friendly or widely used options for smaller or independent creators. 

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BeatSuite Project Scope

The BeatSuite is currently in a phase of high concept, reflecting functionality through its prototyping, rather than a full product. A full version of the BeatSuite may be available in the future.

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